Reading Committee 2017

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As every year, the Poetry Free Reading Reading Committee met Friday, May 5 at the Ministry of Education to conduct a preselection. Of the 4000 poems received, only 300 will be submitted to the final jury, composed of high school students, students and apprentices under the presidency of the poet Colette Nys-Mazure and who will meet at the end of May.

To perform this first selection work, members of the Reading Committee, from different backgrounds (with poets, songwriters, craftsmen, teachers, actors, partners …) operate in pairs. If some are used to participate in this stage of the contest, for others it is the first time. The Reading Committee is renewed every year in order to keep a fresh, but still sharp look at the participations.

Each pair examines the poems according to the category that has been assigned to it (according to the level, the class and the origin – from France or from abroad). Before this meeting, everyone had received his corpus to identify upstream poems that stand out. This morning is therefore an opportunity to confront his choices to those of his partner to give all participants a real chance to be selected without falling under the yoke of arbitrary judgment. For several hours, passionate and benevolent exchanges animated the room of the Ministry of Education until each group agreed. Through the reading of these texts, the members of the Reading Committee discover a youth sensitive to the changes of the world.

At the end of this morning, the poetry leads to friendships between people whose professional activities would have probably not allowed them to cross otherwise.


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