Poetry in freedom: promise or slogan?

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That’s right, Poetry in freedom slams like a slogan in perfect accordance with the cultural atmosphere of this time. To act, you have to know how to sell the product. And in the advertising process, it is the slogans that affect and make react.

Yet for us, it is not a promise of happiness by poetry. The poems received speak of love and death. They are full of suffering: intimate or collective dramas, wars, violence in families and nations, miseries of the world. With a glimmer of hope, a word that releases, a spark that makes humanity. Also humor and beautiful stories. Stories that make you vibrate.

It’s odd: the title of Poetry in freedom has attracted many comments. Often on the relationship between poetry in freedom. The story of this choice of title is however very trivial.

When the Henri-Wallon high school team in Aubervilliers proposed a poetry competition, immediately a lot of well-intentioned people saw an opportunity to address concerns about the suburbs. Why not typical and “typical” themes: racism, integration, welcoming diverse cultures and all these issues reserved for the poor.

All sorts of thematic poetic dissertations would be proposed to all young people, in which emotionally charged stories would take care of what the rational debate of public space has been unable to carry effectively for so long. It is not without interest, certainly.
The promoters of the contest did not make this choice. For them no imposed theme . No payment to participate. No contribution to be published or to receive the laureate’s diploma.

A more accomplished form of freedom: that of paying for his trip to Paris by the force of his pen, or rather of his keyboard, to be published as a reward for his passion for writing.

Freedom to participate : all young people between the ages of 15 and 25, regardless of their background or country. The injured, the isolated, the ordinary schoolchildren, the disabled, the ultra-seamen, the young people from everywhere or from nowhere.
Thus lives Poetry in freedom.

Jean-Marc Muller, President



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