Poetry in freedom invited by Poetry and Song Sorbonne

Image result for Laura FlaneOur two associations opt for mutual support in the service of poetry. “Poetry in Freedom” invites young people between the ages of 15 and 25 to venture into writing and obtain their first letters of nobility by appearing in the annual anthology. “Poetry and Song Sorbonne” organizes poetry nights and song concerts throughout the year.

Writing can not do without reading, not to imitate, but to feed and find one’s own voice. The collaboration of our associations is therefore obvious.

On January 25, 2018, at the Sorbonne, in the prestigious Richelieu amphitheater, Brigitte Fossey and Pierre Fesquet gave one of the first performances of their show in preparation “In search of Victor Hugo”, superbly accompanied by Etienne Champollion

Young singer-songwriter Laura Flane presented her new songs from an EP (New EP) to be released in the fall.

Two previews, then, that night.

The evening opened with the reading of Laureate Poems 2017 of the International Poetry in Freedom competition, all published in the annual anthology, published by Bruno Doucey. The competition is open to 15-25 year olds from around the world, and the members of the jury, supervised by a different poet each year, are the same age. Some of them said winning poems that they themselves had chosen.

This meeting is the mark of a common will of popularization in the noble sense of the term, of poetry. It was a moment of great emotion. There will be others.

Jean-Marc MULLER, President of Poetry in Freedom
Matthias Vincenot, Artistic Director of Poetry in Freedom and President of Poetry and Song Sorbonne


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