Poetry at liberty at the Festival DISCOVER 2017

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Tuesday, August 15 at the 15th Festival Déc OPEN Concèze, as every year, a moment was devoted to Poetry in freedom. Comedians Antoine Coesens, Lou Gala, Frédéric Gorny and Yeelem Jappain gave the audience, for the first time, an award-winning selection of poems for the 2017 competition. The applause was enthusiastic and the audience was so touched by the talent. These poems will be published in the anthology that will be published in November by Bruno Doucey, with all the award-winning and selected poems.

That same evening, on Concèze’s stage, were programmed two duos of choice: Céline Ollivier and Emilie Marsh (herself a former winner of the Poésie en liberté contest) and Anne Sylvestre and Presque Oui.

Matthias Vincenot
President of the Déc’OUVRIR Festival of Concèze,
Artistic Director of Poetry in Freedom


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