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The poem sent is a gift: how will it be received? With kindness, with skepticism or with tweezers? After all, it is a real risk where one exposes oneself, where one confides and where all intimacy is legitimate.

All donations call for a counter-gift to ease tensions, to pay a price in return. The prizes awarded are a part of the compensation. They do not reward all participants. So, and the others who are the vast majority? They have the right to silence, to protective anonymity. Nobody will ever know the name of the author without reward: neither the members of the reading committee or the jury, nor the organizers of the contest. The computer machine allows the secret storage of data and the hope of the maturation of the participant on the occasion of other deadlines. It is as if the poem remains in a secret notebook that would never leave the most secret drawer of the most withdrawn room.

But a counter-gift was made by reading the poems spread. Time has been offered. Each text caught the eye and was discussed. And it is precisely in this way that the risk taken is rewarded: a poet, an artist, a student, a former laureate and poetry enthusiasts spoke of each poem with respect, curiosity and benevolence, aware of the weight of their decision.

The gift with its counter-gift brings forgiveness. Forgive for not publishing more poems, sorry not to send thousands of young poets a message and an opinion, sorry to sometimes disappoint talents who already have a great track record under their belt! We hold out our hands to go together! To live the language, the fraternity, the meeting!


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