Online credit fraud, Beware!

 Online Credit Frauds – Online personal credit is an excellent opportunity to get all kinds of loans but in recent months those interested in borrowing money should take utmost care with the dozens of websites that are practicing credit scams on the internet . November, December, January and February are the champions months in this type of stelionato.

With the arrival of the first months of the year, besides the holidays, certainly with the debts and bills to be paid by millions of Brazilians knocking on the doors, this makes the forger’s agenda full again. Online personal credit scams on loans should have increasing around 70% in recent years.

Our advice, be careful! Stay alert with companies that offer loan with advance cash application. Already noticed that there are advertisements for personal loan lending everywhere, now it got even worse, recently Google has released the pages of “free loan-related market” in organic searchsearch, in them you will find all kinds of personal loan offer that will not get you anywhere.

Online Credit

Online Credit

On the Internet, everyone knows that it is flooded with all kinds of offers, I am happy to say that the great majority is only to defraud the internaut and the consumer. It is easy to find ads, classifieds or sponsored links to various websites that invite you to take a personal loan without consultation, restriction and dirty name.

It is possible that you are already smart enough to come across sites like these that we are talking about, but bear in mind that there are thousands of people who fall into these traps every day out of sheer ignorance, despair or greed.

These credit offers are generally sensational, loan concessions are offered at low interest rates, but attention, if they ask for cash advance to cover supposed rates, fees or taxes, is 100% fraud.

Do not let the desperation or the eagerness to get money with above-average facilities preach a play on you. First understand that there is no bank or financier that offers online loans to people with dirty name on the square with only telephone contacts, document scanner and email contracts .

Avoid falling into these pitfalls: The first step in caring for online personal credit scams is to not send any cash amount per deposit or transfer before you receive the loan you borrow from your own account.