October 2014 – Florie Vialens

Image result for Florie VialensFlorie Vialens had a happy childhood in the Southwest. Very young, she is passionate about theater, literature and horse riding. After an English LLCE degree in Bordeaux, she went to train at the Claude Mathieu theater school in Paris. She then turns in several movies, TV movies, clips or short films. She collaborates with Gao Xingjian, Nobel Prize for Literature on his film “The Mourning of Beauty”. She is currently preparing a feature film that will be shot in English in spring 2014, “Allure”. When she does not play, Florie reads and writes – first for her – because it feels good and then a little for others too, because it’s better to share …



From Almeria.

Your eyes are refreshed like embers
They are formerly two dead coals
Blues. It’s the sky we do not see anymore
And you set your vineyard,
And your tomato plans
And the outside is pure, without telling lies
Come back to life
Come back
The absolute word will not be enough for you
It’s in the nest of flies
That we must seek the true
What are you saying?
Words play you tricks
You are shaking your conscience
Between evening and morning


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