November 2015 – Marie Borin

Progressive Anthology

Marie Borin is a writer, poet, novelist and playwright.

His lyrics mix traditional literary genres to put them at the service of writing and emotion. Each of us could be one of his characters, man or woman, child or adult. Their stories are inspired by facts of our society and their lives are made up of events and fundamental moments of the human being: childhood, love and friendship, hope and despair, the tragic and humor …

His work has been the subject of university studies, a conference at Cerisy-la-Salle …

His novel Félicité (Éditions l’Age d’Homme, 2005), a tribute to childhood martyrdom, received the Charles Brisset Literary Award.
His anthology of poems When the Dawn Ends (Éditions Les Écrits des Forges (Quebec) and Federop (France) 2008) received the Poncetton Scholarship from the Society of Literature (November 2008 Autumn Award). She was selected to represent France at the Trois-Rivières Festival (Quebec) in October 2009.
His plays Custody and What Will Become Saxa were selected by the Reading Committee of Associate Writers of the Theater to belong to his Repertoire.



On the shore of childhood embarrassed by shipwrecks
the sea kneads the exhausted shore
and against his pebbles comes thin the day
that a murmur of mist confuses with the night

You have not finished celebrating the dawn
nor this plot there of the horizon
from this door open to an elsewhere
towards a rebirth

You did not finish watching
to this scent of fire
nascent with the words
of hope

What’s left of you?
The wrinkles on the lake did not come from the wind
At the end of this path that your escape traced
what remains of you?



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