November 2014 – Jean-Luc Wauthier

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Born in Charleroi in 1950, Jean-Luc Wauthier taught Literature at the Ecole Normale de Nivelles (Haute Ecole PH Spaak). He chaired from 2008 to 2011 the International House of Poetry-A Haulot.
Editor-in-chief of the Journal des Poètes since 1991
Numerous awards, including Lucian Blaga (Romania), and the “Menada” (Macedonia) for all of his poetic work.
Many translations in various languages.




And me,
I walked away from the dinner table
to leave to my double
all the feast

And me,
I walked towards the tree of silence
to stop the feverish bells
of the big motionless horse
(He blows a terrible wind here
that no one sees)

A single gesture of love and shade
to invent the whole forest.