Near and far

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Caroline put her voice at the service of poetry: and the verb became flesh!

Its vibration makes it both near and far.

Spoken poetry, said to a physically present audience, acts in a way that is otherwise powerful: the artist is a substitute speaker who reacts to the slightest signal from the public, the sound of a chair, the muffled or irresistible laughter, the silence more dense. Reading draws new modulations, reacts with a new desire to touch and awaken.

The ear has no eyelid and can not escape the music and the creative force of words.

For the artist, speech is the subject of intense care and can not yield to the formatting of communication systems (different for a soap opera or for a newspaper article, but structured in number and level of language according to imperative statistical methods : the language of wood and the formatted language being one).

The ability to reach the audience arises from the text of the author and the talent of the person reading. René Char served by the talent of Caroline Beaune is a unique moment. I say “served”. Caroline never took credit for the performance. Too conscious of what she owed to the author, the cohort of comedians, teachers, artists who shape a culture.

The controlled emotion passes through the artist. He leaves the passage, gives priority to the highest tradition, to that which prepared the spirit of the public present to be receptive to the genius of the language and the sublime expression of the emotions.

The humility of great artists is not a minauderie. It comes from their awareness of their place in the great chain of living culture of a people. Caroline Beaune is one of them.


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