Image result for maskThe mask speaks.

It is not just visual fascination, alteration of the face or sign of another world. It is first and foremost an alteration of the voice, a strangeness of ordinary words, and discourse from elsewhere or beyond.

The child for a long time plays at the foot of his mother and hears this voice from nowhere, receives strange speeches both familiar and hermetic.

Masked theaters distort the voice: so that it ceases to be familiar, it evokes the resonance, at once near and far, of spoken and not yet understood reason.

The mask carries deeper and deeper the resonances of life and the first echoes of speech. It fascinates from early childhood, embellishes the arts of representation, speaks to the most intimate of ourselves.

Every poem is a mask evoking the most ancient emotion, revealing the hope of life.

The poet, a prisoner of mysterious masks, tries to make them speak and hopes that the echo awakened in each one will return to him as revelation of himself.

The mask is another.

The mask is the other that is revealed by the word. The mask can be removed to let the face express its own emotion, its life.

Indispensable in some way to highlight, while it puts in the propitious shadow of universal confidences.


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