Make Personal Credit

Making personal credit at the bank through the internet, at self-service ATMs, 24-hour banks, mobile phone and Smartphone loans, and now also Facebook loan guarantees the autonomy of many who are on the rise. With the purchasing power of the Brazilian increasing – a fact that has already occurred for some years -, the desire for new and bigger acquisitions also grows. However, despite the improvement in income, much can only be purchased through financial operations where the consumer has to make personal loans or financing (as a clear example, the purchase of real estate and vehicles).

At least today, there are several credit lines for individuals and many other possibilities for those who need a “forcinha” to accomplish a medium or large dream. At the beginning, it is good to remember that personal credit does not necessarily need to be taken at the bank where the interested party has account. There are several institutions authorized to offer this type of service. The only thing that is not indicated is to look for loan with moneylenders, as it is not as safe as working with companies.

In these articles you can get more informed: personal credit 5 types that you should avoid and how to get a loan or personal credit. Well, to get the desired value if you do not have a pre-approved limit, it all starts with a good chat, go to the location (credit shop or bank) that wants to request the amount and talk to the department responsible.
Get all doubts about how the loan works, interest rates, total installments and discuss other points that are relevant. Also ask if there is a grace period and what minimum rate can apply to you. Armed with all the information, be sure to tell the destination of the money and how much you need to be borrowed.

Release Process

Release Process


From then on, it is possible to begin the common bureaucracy in some types of processes to make personal credit. One of the things that will be verified is the income of the applicant that will hire the loan. This is because the institutions limit the amount to be passed on according to the monthly gain of the interested party, 30% of the income.

This is usually the case – the client says how much he needs and in how many months he wants to repay the debt, if the monthly payment is higher than 30% of the rent, the loan may not be released. Something important! Companies always request vouchers such as IRPF, holerites, bank statements, pro-labore and other additional documents. Institutions have to be certain of the earnings of those who are making personal credit.


Credit analysis


Credit analysis

If the parcels fit the income, a good path has already been covered. Even because, let’s face it, many dreams come to that. The next step for funding companies is to see if there is any restriction on the person’s name – that is, if the individual listed in the bodies such as Serasa Experian, SPC and SPCBrasil. If there is, you can forget the credit. Companies are not much to trust who is owing the square. On the other hand, if there is no such impediment, everything will be easier.

Of course, you will also have to provide data such as RG, CPF and Proof of Residence. But, this is not work, since everywhere, for any transaction, the documents are requested. At the end of the process, depending on the modality one or the other guarantee will be requested. Sometimes the good that will be acquired serves as collateral. If you do not need it, the customer already leaves with the money in his pocket.

Notes : Making personal credit is not like going to the bakery to buy bread. Did the business there is not much chance of regret. If you want to go back and cancel the loan for whatever reason, you must respect the legal deadline to apply. If it’s past the deadline, it’s gone. Incidentally, ask if there is a possibility of cancellation so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

In the end, with everything settled, you will be able to use the amount requested to buy or do what you need. Do not forget: plan the payment well so you do not tighten up or run the risk of getting a dirty name and losing your dignity. Always Know