January 2018 – Murielle Compère-Demarcy

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Murielle Compere-Demarcy (MCDem.) Began to publish in 1991 in water, polypoétiques Notebooks (Paris). Author of 12 collections, especially in poetry but also in the writing of short stories and an essay to be published in 2017-2018 on the poetry of the poet-publisher Luc Vidal of Éditions du Petit Véhicule, she continues to appear in magazines including FPM – Permanent Festival of Words (reading in January 2017 of texts published in this review by Jacques Bonnaffé on France Culture in ” couriers & butterflies ” podcast), Les Cahiers de Tinbad , International Cahiers littéraires Phoenix , The New Literary Review to ed . Léo Scheer, Discharge , Poetry / First, Verso , Crossings , Poetry / Seine , As in Poetry , Thousand and One Poets from the Bullet Body Editions and Lines of Writing, La Passe , … Reading Note Writer for The Literary Cause , Texture , Phoenix , Crossings , Poezibao , …



The day turns the page

the last

-until the opening of the night


It is silent

Alone, the trees rustle


Take another reflection

-the mirror without tain-

a resemblance


Far off

animals live




try to feel





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