International Prize for the Rights of the Child

International Prize for the Rights of the Child

Man as everything alive grows, ages and dies. The child carries the new life which comes by a mysterious will of acting forces, where nature and human action combine their chances and their necessities.

The little man has all the possibilities of humanity. He is the generation that replaces the ancestors. It is the future that produces the wisdom of tomorrow, the knowledge of survival, the realization of wonderful hopes.

It is one of the most fragile parts of the species. It depends on the care of previous generations, their achievements and above all their benevolence, their protection, their beneficence.

This is how poets have spoken since time immemorial. This is how mothers bring hope to the world bathed in fruitful tenderness.

This is how fathers recognize the fruit of their lives.

Yet the weak, the fragile, the newborn is the prey of human passions, of its incessant violence. Human madness makes it an adult before age by robbing him of his childhood, arming him for murder, sacrificing him to his will to dominate.

Every day, the child is abused, martyred, killed everywhere in the world in varying proportions. But everywhere with a diabolical determination.

Rights are signed in vain by most nations. The crying does not stop any savagery. No one is spared by this scourge.

Poets, sages, saints, prophets and schoolmasters, take up the torch of happy childhood. Artists, musicians, writers, fight without end.

Youth of the world, embraces the sacred cause of childhood in poems.

All your keyboards to sing childhood and his rights.


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