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Our contemporary times are those of technique, a technique
which does not simply make everyday life easier, which does not increase
not just the power of production but that modifies our
relation to the world.

Some even to define our postmodernity
think we’re first connected to a universe
of technical objects before being with a natural world. The wish
Descartes to become “master and owner of nature”
seems to have been accomplished to the point that this mastery and
possession extend to every woman and every man, to the point
communication has replaced the conversation, to the point where
maybe it’s men, not animals
who have become machines, automatons.

We exchange messages, sometimes coded in the technical language of SMS, which has replaced a picturesque slang to become a generalized abbreviation.

And yet this proliferation of codes, in waves of
signals that are no longer words, shows a need
growing up but suffocated to say and especially to tell oneself and between

Saying beings and things, saying something, pronouncing
a word that is not a flow but a stop on what one says, speak
to the other or to oneself, this other which is perhaps the most
close, in a word not to use a language reduced to a code but
to indulge in a word that makes the world.

It bears a name, that of poetry, of poetry which frees the word of women and men, which gives them love of others and of themselves and makes them the world.

Even if the poem is written alone, the solitude of writing becomes a shared word. In our times of technical flow, the need for the living word of the poem is a desire for youth, a youth from all over the world, without any distinction, but who wishes only to give life to the words and give words to life .

Michel Barat

Honorary Rector, Honorary President of Poetry in Freedom.

Doctor of State of Letters, philosophical section, holder of the aggregation and the Capes of philosophy, he began his career in 1971 in secondary education. From 1981 to 1993, he was director of studies and then assistant director at the national training center for teachers of Montlignon.

From 1993 until 2000, he held the position of Director General of the Leonardo da Vinci University . Since 2003, he was Vice-Rector of New Caledonia . From February 2008 to March 2016, Rector of the Corsican Academy.

Michel Barat is the author of several books. He is Officer of the Legion of Honor, Officer of the National Order of Merit, Commander of the Academic Palms.


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