February 2015 – Maggy De Coster

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Maggy de Coster is a journalist by training, DEA of Sociology of Law and Social Relations, poet, writer, Maggy De Coster, cultivates several literary genres: poetry, novel, news, tales, essay including 3 on the press, she published a dozen of collections of poems in French and Spanish, two collections of short stories, a novel, Soledad’s Singing at the Swan’s Editions (Silver Medal of the International Academy of Lutece). Numerous publications in anthologies, in France, in Latin America and others. She has won several poetry prizes in France and abroad, including the First Prize of IL Convivio International Academy, in Sicily (Italy). Since 200, she is the founding president of the literary magazine “Manoir des Poètes”. She regularly represents France in Latin America at literary meetings as a lecturer, poet and journalist and translates several Latin American poets in the university setting and received the certificate of Honor and Merit of the College Daniel Octavio Crespo.



In-junction of colors
Characteristics of the verb
repository of truths

Immateriality of silence
conjugated in the exodus
of love

Perception of the “me”
through the fence
Long corridor leading to
on the forecourt of the in-itself
Amount of details
In the in-version of time


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