December 2015 – Pedro Vianna

Image result for dark hoursPedro Vianna , born in 1948, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), has been living in France since the end of 1973, having been exiled to Chile since January 1971. Poet, playwright, translator, economist by training, former mathematics teacher he has been involved for some 40 years in the defense of refugees and migrants. Since 1999, he has been editor-in-chief of the academic journal Migrations Société .

He acquired French nationality in March 1980. In addition to publications in magazines and anthologies, all his poetic work is available on his website:




at dark hours

where in the forest of hands that stretch
we search in vain
the one we wanted to take

in sad hours
where all the thoughts of solidarity
slide on the floors of the past
to get lost in absent horizons

at the pitiful hours
where no more songs just sounds
vacillating between yesterday and tomorrow
taunting the infinite present

at absurd hours
where reason remains the only foundation
necessary derailments
to the survival of the indispensable madness

at dead times
Grinning white water
mocking and distant
insensitive to lustral prayers

at the bored hours
balance sheets closed without passion
transparent smooth cold
filed with the registry of courts of love

in simple hours
banal reality
of the collapsed daily
buried under completed comedies

it’s better to shut up
and continue

Paris, 14.IX.2014
in Without any help
Pedro Vianna



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